The method closes the stream and releases any system resources associated with it. After the closing of the stream, read(), ready(), mark(), reset(), or skip() invocation will throw IOException. Declaration. Following is the declaration for method. public void close() Parameters. NA

The main difference between BufferedReader and BufferedInputStream is that BufferedReader reads characters (text), whereas the BufferedInputStream reads raw bytes. The Java BufferedReader class is a subclass of the Java Reader class, so you can use a BufferedReader anywhere a Reader is required. Read and write to files with buffered streams in Java The difference between these buffered streams are BufferedInputStream and BufferedOutputStream are byte streams while BufferedReader and BufferedWriter are character streams. Byte streams read and write data of 8-bit size each at a time. Java BufferedInputStream Class - javatpoint

Difference between BufferedInputStream and InputStream

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Difference between FileInputStream and BufferedInputStream

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