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Background services gateway STA provider config on NetScaler Gateway Pros 1. Best battery performance for most secure deployment 2. Support for client-certs as well 3. Full control of device access ActiveSync NetScaler Gateway STA App Controller STA Validation XenMobile: Certificate Authentication for MAM-Only Mode Jun 29, 2017 Citrix - Deploying Enterprise Mobility Solutions with

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Apr 28, 2020 Download Citrix Gateway - Citrix Citrix Gateway (NetScaler Unified Gateway) Subscribe to RSS notifications of new downloads. Best practices for upgrade or downgrade process Before you start the upgrade or downgrade process, make sure you check the following Citrix Documentation here. Citrix Gateway 13.0.

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Mar 29, 2016 · *Note: This setting determines whether all MicroVPN traffic between mobile device and NetScaler Gateway should go through the virtual server. If set to OFF (default), all MicroVPN traffic will be intercepted by NetScaler. If set to ON, then, only internal traffic will be intercepted by NetScaler. Configure NetScaler Unified Gateway. So, one of the cool new features is the Unified Gateway. Technically speaking the Unified Gateway allows us to put the NetScaler Gateway behind a Content Switch. The Content Switch is configured with a public-facing IP and accepts all client connections. NetScaler Gateway (formerly known as Access Gateway Enterprise Edition) is the remote access feature of NetScaler. It has all the usual bells and whistles of an enterprise class hardened VPN solution, and is also the secure frontend of choice for XenApp, XenDesktop, and XenMobile. The NetScaler Gateway Plug-in does not send network traffic destined for unprotected networks to NetScaler Gateway. When the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in starts, it obtains the list of intranet applications from NetScaler Gateway and establishes a route for each subnet defined on the intranet application tab in the client PC.