After a successfull installation and configuration of FreeNAS we will install MySQL on the box using the following steps. Create the group and user 'mysql' using the FreeNAS WebGUI, it is important because FreeNAS will forget about the users created on command line after reboot. ssh in to the FreeNAS box: # ssh

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I need help with remote access Complete newbie, i just installed freenas in my office for cross office file sharing with windows file sharing. Thats working fine,but now we have another office in a different city and i need them to access our local folder , whats the easiest and safest way to do so ?

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FreeNAS Security Alert: Upgrade now or restrict web GUI access by IP address. November 10th, 2010 admin. Brian Adeloye of Tenable Network Security has found a vulnerability  in all versions of FreeNAS before With this vulnerability root acccess can be gained via the web GUI without authentication. [Solved] Freenas SMB access from Windows 10 Edu - Open Jun 19, 2018 Solved: R510 Questions: iDrac Setup, OSMA, vFlash, FreeNAS Basically, FreeNAS wants direct access to drives and then creates a software-style "RAID" with all the array, instead of having it controlled by a RAID card. I'm going to pulling out the smaller capacity Dell SAS Enterprise drives that came with the machine and using the WD Reds with the IBM M1015 crossflashed firmware to IT mode for