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Apr 19, 2020 Winstall is a (web) GUI for Windows Package Manager May 23, 2020 Qml.Net: A new C# library for cross-platform .NET GUI

Mar 25, 2020

FreshPorts -- net/wpa_supplicant_gui: Qt-based frontend Port details: wpa_supplicant_gui Qt-based frontend for wpa_supplicant 2.9 net =0 2.9 Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch. Maintainer: Port Added: 2018-07-12 18:14:12 Last Update: 2019-09-06 04:04:24 SVN Revision: 511277 License: BSD3CLAUSE Description: wpa_gui is a nice GUI frontend for wpa_supplicant tool. GUI | GameDev Market GUI Massive Pack + music + FX (scifi version) $ 19.00. View asset. Food Icons Pack $ 5.00. View asset. Purple style GUI $ 3.00. View asset. Green style GUI $ 3.00. View asset. Simple Basic GUI $ 8.00. View asset. Royal Knights $ 10.00.

GUI.exe runs the graphical user interface for the Gigabyte Smart 6 application. This is not an essential Windows process and can be disabled if known to create problems. Gigabyte Smart 6 is a collection of six freeware utilities for Microsoft Windows that speed-up system performance, shorten boot-up times, secure the system from intruders

Jun 30, 2014 · phpEselGui - a GUI for mldonkey written in PHP saman - Another GUI for mldonkey written in PHP Platero - A mldonkey GUI for KDE Alemula - Another mldonkey GUI in PHP Zuul - PHP Front-End for mldonkey JMoule - A very simple GUI written in Java Web-GMUI - A web GUI included in a simple webserver Rmldonkey-A Multiplatform GUI written on JRuby and Aug 18, 2018 · notum|dovvetech GUI. Notum Dovvetech is probably the oldest still actively maintained custom GUI in the history of Anarchy Online.. Its first incarnation was the Dovvetech GUI line, created by Kitao (RK3), with the last released version being 2.1 some time before 2005. This release contain various minor fixes in MyGUI engine and tools. Main changes in 3.2.2: Fixed mouse events incorrectly going to the widget below the ComboBox when clicking on an item.