How Our Universe Could Emerge as a Hologram | Quanta Magazine

hologram meaning: 1. a special type of photograph or image made with a laser in which the objects shown look solid…. Learn more. The strange legacy of Tupac’s ‘hologram’ lives on five Apr 14, 2017 Black holes are like a hologram | Space | EarthSky Jun 05, 2020

INTEGRAF | How to Make Holograms (step-by-step tutorial)

Some of the world’s leading physicists think that this may be the case. They believe that our reality is a projection—sort of like a hologram—of laws and processes that exist on a thin surface surrounding us at the edge of the universe. The future of 3D holograms comes into focus | Computerworld

'A Hologram for the King' Review: Tom Hanks and Tom Tykwer

A hologram is a picture of a "whole" object, showing it in three dimensions. We've all seen cheap hologram images on credit cards and ID cards (where they help prevent copying). Far more impressive are large holograms that take the form of a ghostly 3-D moving figure that you can walk around to … How Holograms Work | HowStuffWorks